New Colt Python Accuracy Testing Part 1


I know a lot of people have been waiting on this since the first of this year. If not for Wuhan strain I would have had this sooner but.. So I have decided to post updates as I do the review for a couple reasons. First because it took so long to get the gun. Second is because of the current weird panic buying ammo situation. It has become hard to find ammo in .38 or 357mag and since I don’t own either of those, I did not have any significant amount on hand. So, if I wait till I gather up as much ammo as I usually need for accuracy testing who knows how long it will be. With that in mind I am going to just do it as I get it. That will give people something to see without having to wait forever.

I had some full wad cutters in 38 spl on hand left over from some other something. The first day I had the gun, I set down at 25 yards and fired this group. This load was very accurate and the Python felt like I was shooting a rimfire.

After some hunting I turned up some more ammo at a gun shop an hour drive away. The Double Tap 200 gr hardcast l357 magnum load.

Not fun to shoot but who could complain about that accuracy? Target was shot off the bench and bags from 25 yards.

I then went on to shoot the 38 wad cutter handloads at 50 yards. Below is the group shot at the 50 yard slowfire target. Fired from bench and bags.

I then fired the Double Tap load at 100 yards from bench and bags. I shot at the head using single action then the body using the double action. I struggled with this. I need new glasses bad and can’t get them because the eye doc isn’t taking appointments because of the plague.

I can say that the trigger of the new Python is an improvement over the originals. The old ones were already pretty sweet. The DA pull on the new Python feels like something you’d expect a gunsmith to deliver. The pull is slick and smooth all the way through and with very very little little stack. I think it was DG who asked me to remove the grips so he could take a look and I will do that later on. We got a lot more to do with this but it’s gonna come out in parts as I get more ammo selection ( hopefully).

Below is a target I fired off hand using double action at 25 yards using some 357 Winchester white box stuff a friend found in the bottom of a sock drawer.


  1. You are not doing any favors to the family finances with articles like this. 🙂

    I know darned well I have a long ways to go before I shoot anywhere close to this well … but now I want one. Fortunately (?) I’ve not been able to locate any either locally or in the usual online places I look.

    Then again, my long-barrel Taurus Judge (which Mrs. B calls the Yosemite Sam gun) is justasgood, right? Right?

  2. Allow me to introduce you to a device I think you need:

    You need the Merit widget at the top of that page. It is an adjustable iris that you can suction-cup to your shooting glasses. If you have bright light (such as outdoors), you crank down the iris until your “F-stop” goes high enough to allow you to focus on the front sight. Ta-da!

    It works. I have one. Ordered it about eight years ago. I use it with irons on handguns now a fair bit.

  3. Good shooting from a fine gun. I’m glad you’re enjoying it…such an iconic piece.

    I have a S&W Model 67 revolver that will shoot like that, but it’s a heavily modified PPC racegun that had thousand of dollars worth of gunsmithing applied to it by one of Australia’s best smiths. Accuracy like that from a production gun is awesome.


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