2020 Tribute to The Sky King


It’s that time of year again. The day Richard Russell passed from this life and entered immortality as “Sky King”. Captain Russell was just a normal working shlub that decided he’d had enough. Richard had let the world grind him down mentally, emotionally and probably other ways we don’t know about. He didn’t lash out like some maniac and start taking people with him. Nay, he went out the way he wanted, fulfilling his dream of flying a plane and doing a barrel roll.

He ganked an aircraft right off the runway , took to the sky. While flying around giving us some unforgettable audio he touched a lot of people. ( myself being one of them) Richard enjoyed himself in his last minutes.

In the two years since his trip into eternity I have to say I “get it” more and more. I’m betting more than a few of you do as well. The guy felt out of place, out of sorts and likely out options.. He didn’t hurt anyone else. No one but Sky King bought the rice paddy. Yea he stole a plane and cost some money to some people. In the two years since, I find it even hard to generate much of a give a shit about that part of it compared to the man we lost. But Jesus , he went out in style. Like a champ I’d argue. Just “sum dood” living a life of quiet desperation he reached for the sky one last time and for one brief moment, grabbed it. Yes I know I am Black Pilled but I’m still a romantic. A dark melancholic romantic granted , but I am nonetheless. Whaddya gonna do?


From my words o it last year.-

He could have killed people since he had no pilots license. But he didn’t. I can’t help but admire the guy a little and regret such a ballsy dude is gone. What would the world be like without characters like this in it? Not one I would want to live in. It’s a shame Sky King is gone, but he achieved the peace he wanted, didn’t hurt anyone and when he decided to nose down and call it a night he became a legend.

To you, Richard “BeeBoo” Russell.


  1. I think most of us working schlubs “get” what the Sky King did and can respect it on some level. Certainly I can. In many ways, I think the Sky King represents the midlife crisis: Youth passes away. Some dreams will never be fulfilled. Then what?

    But the path of Jesus is a better one than the path of the Sky King. Jesus is God Himself, breaking through into our world to die the death in punishment for our sins. He breaks through to show us a better way than the emptiness that seems to fill us. The path of Jesus leads to life. The path of the Sky King leads to death. The choice is obvious, if difficult.

  2. Can’t see anything to praise about someone that jacked a plane for a suicide run instead of completing his flight training.

  3. Somewhere, I found a clip of F-15 pilots scrambled out of Portland who were wholly impressed by how he pulled that plane around the sky, especially at the bottom of that loop.


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