Protesters Point Weapons At Motorists


In Indianapolis, Black Lives Matter protesters pointed guns at a motorist in an attempt to stop cars from driving on the streets during a demonstration. Indianapolis leaders, including Democrat Mayor Joe Hogsett and the Indianapolis City-County Council have remained silent.

Other parts of the video show protesters blocking traffic and throwing water on cars. You can see the guns being pointed at the blue pick-up truck at the :35 second mark. The video is from the Indy Star

Video in link

Anyone still think the current civil war hasn’t gone hot yet?

You know how knows what to do in a situation like this?


  1. Without having seen the video, but looking at the still shot posted, I would say the (or perhaps a) right answer is “floor it.”

  2. Fatass should have been run over.

    Unfortunately, the current lot of cowards we elected to run things in this country would prosecute the driver for murder, despite the ample justification.

    Interesting side note–I’m currently trying to find out if there have been any prosecutions or even investigations begun to do something about those “firearms transfers” we all saw documented in the Seattle CHAZ/CHOP. After Initiative 1639 here in Washington State, all of that crap was illegal. So far, I can’t even find anyone at the Seattle PD who knows anything, and my state representative’s spokesperson is useless. What we have going here, I’m afraid, is a two-tier justice system–The CHAZ security guys, no prosecution, no investigation. I guarantee you that if I were to put up similar video out here doing the same thing, I’d probably be arrested by a city-county-state-federal task force within about a week. Selective prosecution, selective enforcement–And, there’s not a damn thing one of us “mere common citizens” can do about it, either.

    Fuck the lot of them. This crap has finally broken my last ties with the Republican Party, because as per the usual, they simply will not fight.

  3. idiots to the left of me, idiots to the right of me, idiots everywhere.
    Damn right he should have run fat ass over, that’s a justified use of force.

    On another note a Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Captain just got popped for selling CCW’s at $9K a pop.
    That’s how it works in a “May Issue” State, you make a campaign contribution to show that you are a public spirited Citizen and you get a CCW.
    Back when I lived in Alameda County the word was that it took $5K or so to the right campaign, but that was better than 15 years ago and there’s been some inflation.
    Any Police Chief or senior Sheriff’s officer can smile on your application, you just need to know which one and word gets around quietly.
    Another perk ALL cops in California have is the ability to buy weapons that are not on the approved list and later to sell them to anyone qualified to own a firearm, it’s usually a 50%-100% markup.

    • Yep. This is exactly how I remember California CCW’s working in the early 1990’s, if you had a domicile address outside of the large urban centers.

      There were some county sheriffs who issued CCW’s on a shall-issue basis up north of Sacramento and in the northeastern part of the state. In the 80’s and 90’s, it used to be if you were semi-rich and could show a sort of ‘need’ for a CCW and you lived in the LA area, you could get an appointment with the Culver City PD chief to plead your case.

      If you had a domicile address in LA, SF, etc – there was little way you could get a CCW.

  4. The gunman is on Facebook – Jonathan Howe from Indianapolis. He seems to be doxing people that criticize him and telling his followers to “give them attention”. Sounds a little scary to me.


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