“Gentle Giant” Brought Knives To A Shooting





SHEBOYGAN – The Sheboygan County district attorney has determined that the use of deadly force was reasonable and no charges will be filed in the officer-involved death of Kevan Ruffin Jr. on July 2. On Wednesday, Aug. 5, body camera video from the 45-second interaction was released by the state DOJ.

Minutes before the officer fired near 15th Street and Illinois Avenue on that Thursday morning, a woman called 911 to report a man with two knives had attacked her.
Just before 6 a.m., Officer Bryan Pray with the Sheboygan Police Department made contact with Ruffin, 32.
“How you doing, Ruffin? Are you…are you fine this morning? Can you just have a seat for me?” Officer Pray asked.
Wielding a weapon, Ruffin turned, moving toward the officer.
“Step back, you’re going to get tased, bro,” Officer Pray warned. “Step back. You’re going to get tased. Step back.”
Officer Pray fired the Taser after multiple commands for Ruffin to step back.
“Step back — you will get shot,” the officer said.

Seconds after Officer Pray yelled, “Shots fired,” an officer was on scene.
“He chased me, man, with these knives!” Officer Pray told his colleague.

Meanwhile, an attorney for the family released this statement:
“Kevan’s family is reviewing hundreds of pages of police reports and conducting their own investigation, and will release a statement after they have reviewed all the evidence.”


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