Youths being held in the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center are seen as poor candidates for release while their cases are pending. “youths”

Kim A. Browne, administrative judge of Franklin County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, said as much in early April. She expressed hesitation about releasing anyone during the coronavirus pandemic, calling those detained in the facility “very, very high safety concerns.” Yes sounds reasonable and sane so far…

But after an outbreak of COVID-19 cases in the detention center in early May, Browne ordered the release of eight youths on house arrest with electronic monitoring devices to reduce the detention center population.

By late June, two of the teens had been accused of violent gun crimes:

Kenyion L. Hairston, 15, charged with delinquency murder for a shooting on a South Linden street in which a 14-year-old boy died, and delinquency aggravated burglary for a University District break-in during which an accomplice reportedly brandished a handgun.

Victor J. Bivens Jr., 15, charged with delinquency aggravated robbery for allegedly knocking an 88-year-old woman to the floor and robbing her at gunpoint in her East Side home, and delinquency felonious assault for a shooting in which a friend was wounded on the East Side.

Oh wait. I see now. These are Yutes. Not “youths” and there is a difference.

None of the eight released by Browne obeyed the judge’s order to stay home, a Dispatch review of Juvenile Court records shows. What!!!? You have to be shitting me! Convicted felons ignore the law? This is preposterous!

Each one eventually removed or disabled his ankle monitor and went AWOL.

Two hadn’t been found as of Wednesday and were the subject of active warrants

I’m not surprised at all,” Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said of the results of the releases, each of which drew objections from his office. No one but a card carrying leftist idiot is surprised Ronnie.

This kind of behavior was predictable, given their history, which is why we opposed their release,” he said.

Browne declined to answer a series of questions from The Dispatch about the decision-making process or comment on the outcome of the releases. Another non-surprise.

The rules governing judicial conduct specifically prohibit judges from addressing any of these questions,” Browne responded in an email. “Judges may not say anything about cases on their dockets that might jeopardize their ability/duty to remain impartial.”

Lemme translate that. ” I am ruling class in black robes so I don’t have to answer to you plebes. I’m better than you in every way.”

Of the eight released, Bivens and one other are on Browne’s docket.

WHAAAAMP WHAAAMP Sad Trombone Noises




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