More Rumor Mill on Beirut ( Put Tinfoil On )


So this is floating around the last couple days.

Israeli Delilah missile carrying 6 kiloton (6000 tons of TNT equivalent) nuclear missile (unretouched photo via VT Damascus) Tineye says this is a unique image and doesn’t appear anywhere on the web.  We, however, are always suspicious when something seems ‘too good to be true.’

” First explosion was caused by Gabriel anti ship missile of Israel. The second explosion was caused by Israeli Delilah missile from F16. Our country is in complete jeopardy with this lazy and corrupt regime.” 

Evidence of a nuclear fission event in the Eastern Mediterranean


  1. The Arabs are going to latch on to this like it’s the last floaty thing on the Titanic. Why?

    Because their entire culture is based on fantasy. And, conspiracy theories. Also, they are congenitally incapable of accepting responsibility when their feckless stupidity blows up in their faces. There will be no realistic AAR conducted, no reforms, and they’ll keep right on doing what they do, in full denial. It’s a cultural thing, and it goes back a long, long way.

    Sarcastically, I think a lot of it goes back to the desert environment the culture evolved in–These were people who were basically pushed into living in some of the most ridiculously austere environments on this planet, and they stayed there. That bespeaks a natural skill and predilection towards self-deception, and the religion they came up with is perfectly consonant with it all–After all, who but the Father of Lies himself would come up with a faith that mandates lying to anyone about anything, in order to advance that “religion”. I don’t think that it was the Angel Gabriel in that cave with Mohammed, at all–I’m pretty sure just from that one fact that it was more likely Satan.

    Or, in a secular sense, some self-gratifying schizo off his medication and hallucinating just what he wanted to hear. Either way, it’s perfectly consonant with the entire culture.

    In terms of conspiracy theorists, the Arabs are right up there with the best the human race has produced. Only the Serbs, in my experience, are better at it–And, that’s because they mostly treat it as “game”, and do so knowingly. Only an Arab will insist to you, straight-faced, that the doves his hawks are killing are Israeli spies hell-bent on the destruction of Kuwait and all that is good along the Persian Gulf… They combine a certain childishness with incredible delusion, and do not seem to be able to reason logically. Once they make up their minds on something, there is nothing in the world that can shift their belief system.

    It’s my considered opinion that the majority of the Arab ethnicities are never going to make it off this planet, because I simply cannot imagine them surviving in any intermediate deep-space civilization as they are now. Unless someone else transports them to an environment where attention to reality’s details won’t kill them the way an artificially-maintained deep-space setup would, it just ain’t happening. Imagine the Saudi Air Force without outside technical support trying to keep some kind of deep-space environmental system running, and extrapolate that out. This blast in Beirut is just a perfect illustration of what would happen–The ball-less lower echelons kept messaging the admin and the judges about this issue, and it got ignored. In a functional society, those “men” would have the gonads to actually do something about a situation they knew was massively unsafe and risky, rather than let it go on for six or seven fucking years.

    This is one reason why the US military used to be superior–You tell the average American mid-level NCO to do something like this, and even if you’re a four-star flag rank dumbass, he’s going to tell you to fuck right off and put your crap somewhere that’s designed to deal with it. These days, I’m not too sure there are still enough guys like me out there who are willing to sacrifice career to do the right thing in this sort of situation, being as we’ve steadily been promoting the “yes-man” and “affirmative action” types, but it used to be a hallmark of our military that we could generally count on. Arab world? That shit’s non-existent–Boss says black is white, then white’s the new black.

    • Hah! My brother in law did four tours over there and came back with a similar impression of Arabs.

      There’s a good essay out there called Why Arabs Lose Wars that goes into how their thinking hamstrings their efforts.

    • I think the collapse of Arab intellect and culture can be traced back to how fast the Ottoman Empire collapsed after WWI, in part because it was corrupt and broke, and in part because Ataturk embraced western culture.

      After that, the Muslim Brotherhood got a hold in the middle east, yearning for a return to the pinnacle of the Ottomans.

      The Muslim mind seems incapable of accepting that they played a role in the downfall of the Ottoman Empire – the causes seen from within are all external. They cannot seem to fathom that the culture of the sultans played a big role in their own downfall – much as many of our people cannot accept that the Ivy League universities are going to be responsible for our downfall.

      • Goes back further than that… You really have to go back to the last few Abbasid Caliphs in Baghdad, and a guy named Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (also known as Algazel; died 1111), who was the progenitor of Islamic fundamentalism. Before that, the Arabs were fairly open-minded, but as they started losing their battles with the rest of the world (this is the era of the Reconquista, in Spain, among other things…), they turned inward and started blaming all those fancy Greek philosophers for their issues and the general corruption of their society. They’d been translating and preserving a bunch of stuff from the Greeks, Persians, and others, but after about 1200AD, that came to a screeching halt, and we get the beginnings of modern backwards Araby.

        Root problem, as I see it? All that sophistication and civilization was grafted on, a mere veneer. After the Mongols and Turks came down upon them, the whole thing was thrown out, and they went back to the desert-born customs and culture on pure instinct. That’s what they default to, and with the extent of cousin-marriage and everything else, I suspect they’ll never pull out of it. Just like the Chinese, there’s a bunch of built-in behavioral patterns common to that population, and I don’t see them overcoming it. Ever.

        It was a huge mistake to ever introduce any of them to modern technology. We should have kept those regions as quaint little reserves, without access to modern technology. I mean, seriously–What has the chunk of the world under Islamic dominance contributed to world civilization? What innovations, what inventions, what philosophies have they contributed? Sheer, nihilistic destruction and chaos, that’s what. They’ve aped every destructive invention coming down the pike, but you can’t even point to any of them as being their actual invention–The suicide vest and car bomb? Yeah; those were Sri Lankan Tamil techniques, and I’d like to submit that they did it better/more effectively…

        • DISAVOW this bigotry about those wonderful peaceful people of one of the wold’s great religions !!

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          • At least he didn’t go full Haxo (IIRC, he had constant nonsense on the WM blog).

            Regardless, Kirk brought it back at the close to a case-in-point to learn from…

            Also, y’alls different categories of articles need better distinction in the inline feed of this blog. You can get them through subheader title categories, but not apparent in the inline feed… As a longtime reader here, it remains confusing at first blush.

          • Shawn, I click myself all over this crazy Internet and I get the *weirdest* ads on this site. I mean, sometimes stuff that can’t be printed in the newspaper. Sometimes just weird stuff like women’s casual wear.

            Maybe if I start clicking the tamer ones, the weird ones will go away.

  2. Funny how we’ve seen tons of different videos from different angles and none show a missile but this one random frame has something vaguely pointy shaped in it and people latch onto it. And the who nuke thing. Doesn’t even look like fission and if it was wouldn’t that port be practically humming? I like how according to their evidence of fission most of Europe has blown up too.

    • I don’t know much about nuclear weapons, but wouldn’t that place light up like a Christmas tree on a Geiger counter if it was a nuclear blast? This seems like an easily falsifiable hypothesis.

      Now, did the Israelis drop something conventional on that thing to make the FOOM? Yeah, OK, maybe, that’s pretty hard to falsify given the state of the alleged crime scene. But a nuclear weapon? Sure.

      Speaking of the blast site, the Airport News Network has a good set of before/after pictures:

      • I could definitely see the Israelis or other opposition power using a conventional munition to blow up an AN depot. From what I understand, the fact that that AN had been degrading there in the port for several years wasn’t a secret. If someone wanted to blow up Beiruit, it looks like the Lebanese just left a bomb sitting around for anyone who wanted to come blow it up.

        But a nuke? That seems crazy to me. The down-side of getting caught is tremendous, and it’s a sure bet that you will get caught.

      • The versions of that video that I’ve seen look fake as hell.

        I think Occam’s Razor applies here: The simplest explanation is Arab incompetence and feckless stupidity. Over the next few weeks, we’re going to see the guys at the port who tried to get the judges and government to do something about the issue get crucified, and the politicians wax on and on about how much they care about the victims, while the real responsible parties just continue on with their useless apathetic lives.

        The ones I feel the most angst over are those poor bastard firemen and emergency services guys who were trying to get into the warehouse to do something, right there at the last. Just like the guys going up the stairwells of the World Trade Center, those guys (and, one girl…) knew their duty and kept to it where lesser men and women would have run…

  3. Making really small nukes is, ironically, harder than making bigger ones, especially in a package that can be flown in a smallish (i.e. non *BM class) missile.

    That aside, do any of those videos show a lot of speckle on the pictures? That’s a characteristic of ionizing radiation (hard photons, and neutrons) hitting the CCD array and overloading an individual pixel. If this was a nuke I’d expect to see some speckle on some of the images, especially right after the detonation.

    On another note, there’s a heck of a lot more dust and pulverized matter in the air now. Almost everything on the surface of the planet has some small fraction of radioisotopes in it (think bananas and potassium, for instance, or granite). Depending on where the building materials came from, as well as the stuff that went FOOM, I wouldn’t be surprised if you see a spike in local background count after something like this, because you just aerosolized and dispersed a lot of stuff that the detector otherwise couldn’t “see.”

  4. This is tinfoil keffiyeh stuff, but I’m not surprised since blame Israel is the default Arab response. These clowns realize that without an external “enemy” to distract the people they misrule they will be the object of anger and end up headless. As much as the Arab world wants to believe it was an Israeli missile this massive kaboom was all down to Arab incompetence.


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