The First Photo Ever Of A Stealthy Black Hawk Helicopter


It is our understanding that the picture in question seen at the top of this story and again below in a slightly enhanced manner, has a relation to Fort Eustis in Virginia. In addition to being home to 128th Aviation Brigade, previously known as the U.S. Army Aviation Logistics School, Fort Eustis’ Felker Army Airfield it also hosts a unit commonly known as the Flight Concepts Division (FCD), that is now called the Aviation Technology Office (ATO). This is the unit understood to be responsible for leading the development of the stealth Black Hawks used during the Bin Laden raid and many of the U.S. Army’s most advanced and secretive rotary-wing capabilities. 

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  1. Back in the late 90s I was a libertarian, which had a fair amount of crossover with the Constitutionalist/Patriot/militia/conspiracy world. So I was aware of the black, silenced helicopters meme and always regarded it as pretty much tin foil hat stuff. The general thesis was that these black, silenced .mil helicopters were doing sketchy urban warfare training over the US, possibly to prep for war on the American people.

    Well, one day in the late 90s, It came out that .mil had run a training exercise over an urban area in the US using helicopters that were painted black. I forget if the report covered any silencing. But it was in the newspaper.

    Now, whether those exercises were in prep for war against the American people or not can probably still be disputed, but suffice it to say, I take “conspiracy theories” a lot more seriously since then. And then of course we learned after the bin Laden raid that they have, indeed, silenced helicopters.

    So when the media repeatedly announces that a “conspiracy” like “Pizzagate” has been “debunked” without actually going to the trouble of debunking it? Yeah, I press x to doubt. Whether Comet Ping Pong actually has a dungeon? I dunno. Probably not. But have you looked at that Instagram feed? Or looked at the art on the walls of our nomenklatura? Yeah, there’s some smoke there, so you’ll pardon me if I assume that there’s some fire.


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