First group from the new Colt Python


This is the first 6 shots out of this gun. I wanted to goof around with it a bit and check the sights zero for a few days before I got to formal accuracy testing. I shot this group from a bench at 25 yards. Load was .38spl wadcutters. I expect great things from this gun.


  1. Damn it…!

    Last time I was down in Albuquerque, my favorite mom-n-pop store had one of these in the cabinets. If it’s still there next time I’m down … I’m honestly not sure whether I want to ask to see it, given only what you’ve written about it so far.

  2. And now you start to understand how Colt became a premium brand – which they sacrificed by producing the M16.

      • I understand that. This shows they could have avoided their current financial woes by not trying to be rent-seeking grifters living off the M16 contract forever, and instead have the loyalty of the US gun-buying public all these years.

        The response to their three recent products shows the error of the ways of Colt’s management for the last 20+ years.

  3. I may have to get one now that they seem to have corrected the production.

    I’ll wait for the prices to come down to at it below MSRP and/or show up on the secondary market before I figure out what horses to trade for one.

  4. You are showing blued Python. Is Colt producing new Royal Blue Pythons yet or is this a NOS (New Old Stock) pistol? I still love the original blued pythons……they were always a work of art!

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