That’s a bad day right there



    • That’s what happens when you overdraw the bow, and the arrow comes back off the rest. Usually takes place when an archer is trying for more speed or power than they can really handle.

      Could be worse–One of my friends who bowhunts tells about a time he had to help another bowhunter out of the woods who’d done something similar, only it wasn’t the hand it went through, it was straight into the bow. Caused the carbon-fiber arrow to shatter, driving bits and pieces of arrow into the guy’s eyes. The last he’d heard of it, there was question as to whether or not they’d save his eyesight.

      There really aren’t any weapons out there that are truly “safe” for the user. I imagine that Oog and Ugg, the caveman brothers, had trouble with their rocks and clubs, as well as the equivalent of negligent discharges.

      • Agreed … Stored energy is stored energy, and sudden release of a sufficient amount of it is dangerous if uncontrolled and/or unexpected.

        The carbon fiber arrow story just makes my eyes ache in sympathy. Here’s hoping for the guy.

  1. So, I have to ask, how’d they get the picture? I mean, I’m not a Milennial, but this hardly seems like a “Hey Rick, come get a photo for my Instagram!” moment.

    And yeah, +1 for Kirk’s “Watch out: this stuff can be dangerous” comment.

  2. My cousins did something similar years ago. It was one of those ~35lbs fiberglass bows with the wooden arrows. They would pull the arrow back and hold it with their fingers. The arrow broke and pushed through one of their wrists. Ouch


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