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  1. To give one an idea of how dark the “gunsmiths’ sense of humor” can be:

    “The op rod isn’t bent! How’d he do that?”

      • I dunno… If the frag was the primary, I’m not seeing the barrel split and do what it did in the picture. I’m gonna guess that there were two events, here–One, the barrel blowing because “obstruction”, and then two, the grenade going off as a secondary sympathetic detonation that wasn’t initiated by the usual firing train.

        Which grenade they were firing would be interesting to know, and what year it happened.

        These “accidents” are usually traceable back to some less-than-brilliant type doing the wrong thing in training. Stories I could tell–Bunch of Combat Engineers died up at Hohenfels back in the late 1980s when some idiot that forgot to draw the inert trainer for the M180 Cratering Demolition Kit decided he’d use a live munition in his pre-training class. That led to his demonstration of how the device worked actually detonating a live 15-lb shaped charge in the middle of his class, with further predictable results that I will leave as an exercise for the reader.

        The M180 itself is a fit subject for a post, because a more Rube Goldberg-esque munition I cannot think of, aside from my perennial favorite Engineer-killer, the MICLIC.

  2. Yesterday they executed a search warrant on a guy in California and seized his legally owned and registered firearm after some Antifa dupes doxxed him and called him a “racist”. It’s the first time that I know of where a person’s political views were used to confiscate their legal weapon.

    Is anyone else as worried about the political direction in this country as I am?

    • give us a link for that and I will talk about it tomorrow . I have no idea why you dropped this comment in a post about a blown up gun though


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