Pro 2A protestors lock themselves in NM Roundhouse capitol building


SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – A group of protesters say they will not leave the Roundhouse until the governor is removed from office. The protest, organized by the group I Will Not Comply NM, says Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has violated New Mexicans’ constitutional rights.

The group says they have no other option but to “lock the doors” and remain in place until the governor is removed. “It has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat. It doesn’t have to do with COVID, it doesn’t have to do masks. This is about the Constitution of the United States, and we have a governor that violated her oath of office. We have no recourse in the state, so I’m staying here until the Department of Justice and AG Barr gets involved,” said protest attendee Stephen Garrett, a small business owner in Moriarty. The group claims they will secure water, port-a-potties, generators, and other items essential for their “indefinite stay.


  1. The left is going to be really upset and confused when the right starts using their tactics against them.

    The press and pols have said this is the way to do speech. And reinforced over the last two months.

    2A Occupy the Capitol.

    • The Left will not be confused or surprised in the slightest. The right-wing protestors will be dubbed terrorists, Nazis and threats to the general peace. They will be crushed without mercy to the general cheers of the media and the elites.

      This is how the (sometimes armed) protests against the Covid lockdowns were portrayed. This is how the recent armed 2A protests were portrayed. This is how Charlottesville was portrayed. This is how the Tea Party was portrayed. The US government burned dozens of Branch Davidson’s to death on live TV 30 years ago, and who ever paid a price for that?

      If these NM guys are lucky, all they’ll get is some sore heads and some charges in state court. They could all wind up like Vicki Weaver and the Branch Davidians. And just like that, the cops will be heroes again!

      We can’t win our game playing by the other team’s rules.


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