“Absolute disaster shooting my new 9 mm upper “


B-ARFCOM user Johhnyrotten had a really bad day with his budget upper bought from Midway.

Midway recently had an exceptionally good price on an AR Stoner 9 mmm upper that I bought. I went the range today to shoot it for the first time. I put it on my PSA 9 mmm billet lower that has functioned perfectly for thousands of rounds
  The initial shots proved it to be single shot. It would pick up a new round from the magazine but it would not reset the trigger. I figured it just needed to be broken in so I shot 20 rounds that were individually in the magazine.  I then tried a mag with 2 rounds to see if functionality had improved.
 There was a small explosion. The gun had doubled and there had been an out of battery detonation.
 There was intense pain my forearm.  I looked and the cartridge had penetrated my skin and punctured a vein with what appears to be the case head. Blood was pouring out like water out of a faucet. Having a medical background,  I new to apply direct pressure.  While I was sitting down applying pressure I noticed a steady stream of blood accumulating in my lap. The other had cut my chin.  So had to apply pressure with both hands



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  1. Hope he’s ok.
    But looking at the pictures before reading, I thought you were trolling us with the ACOG on a 9mm AR.
    No judging! But that seems curious to me.

  2. He was tinkering with spring and buffer weights, most likely that was his issue with not getting a reset. Lawsuit might not work so well considering.
    Steel cased ammo has always been ok with me, it’s dirty but was always inexpensive enough to offset the crud. Have seen some pistols that didn’t care for it though.

    Shawn loves him some PSA, almost as much a M-14 with an Unertl…

  3. Uhhhh, these PCC are more violent then rifle rounds. Its easy to get them to bump or dbl.
    But no one will listen.


    You dont just drop a PCC on a 556 lower.

    The gun has to be built from the ground up for PCC. That bolt hammers the crap out of the Hammer and disco.

    But…again No One Will Listen.

    A certified armorer by 3 major manufacturers

    • While we here are very impressed that you are a genuine, bonafide, certified armorer by 3 different MFG, the post is from an ARFCOMMER. And if you are familiar with ARFCOM you know how much of a waste of time it is trying to teach most of them something.


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