Richmond , Virginia Possible Violent riots tonight



  1. Can a Kent State sort of thing be that far off…?

    What, exactly, do these geniuses think the end-state of all this will be?

    • The end-game is seizing total control of as much of the United States as possible.

      The current stage involves pushing the government, police, and citizens to the point where they start shooting violent insurgents.

      Once that happens, they will use it as their excuse to go to guns, execute a hot insurgency, and start carrying out more “definitive” attacks. At that point we will be at war, and we will find out just how badly Americans want to defeat communists and remain ostensibly free.

      The hope is that they can be ignored and put off until they run out of steam, and we can avoid giving them an excuse to escalate and start killing more people than they already are…it remains to be seen if that is possible.

      • A socialist dystopia,there,fixed it for ya’s.

        This is going on across the country in many cities tonight,as usual,seems from what I have seen Portland/Seattle as usual the most violent.

    • They think they’re going to get a socialist, pan-sexual Garden of Eden, where you can show up for work “sometime” today – because clocks and “mechanical time” are part of the system of white racism, and you can deliver invoices in ritualistic song (because written communication is another form of white oppression) and so on.

      Think I’m kidding? I’m not. Check out some of the stupidity these indoctrinated children are spouting – and the seminar racists like DiAngelo are charging thousands of dollars an hour to teach to corporations.

    • This is a classic Leftist strategy: You have a nonviolent wing ( Sinn Fein, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, “peaceful protestors) and you have a violent wing (Provisional IRA, Black Panthers, Antifa). The two wings have the same goals but pursue them by different ends, symbiotically.

      Malcom X says, “We are pissed off and will burn America down if we don’t get what we want.” MLK says, “That guy is really pissed off and might burn something down if you don’t give him what he wants.”

      The media says, “Look at these peaceful protestors getting tear gassed and beaten up by the cops!” The peaceful protestors say, “Let’s make sure we stand between the cops and the rioters so the cops have to beat us up in order to break up the riot!”

      That’s why the media ran with the “violence” story with the Tea Party stuff 10-12 years ago. They are all Leftists, so they assumed the Tea Party was the nonviolent wing and they planned to hang the violent wing’s action around the necks of the Tea Party. In the event, there was no violence so the media had to invent some (Tucson shooting).

      A Kent State incident would be a dream come true for these guys. They would play that on the news every night till the election. By the time they got through, 45% of America would think Trump personally pulled the trigger.

      • Sounds like team (wait, individualists aren’t allowed to join teams) anti-left is in dire need of using that playbook. Quick, let’s get them riled up about tertiary issues unrelated to power politics.

  2. I’m old and I’m skeptical.
    Cui Bono and “Follow the Money” have led me to ask a number of awkward questions over the years.
    Here’s a another one, remember Cointelpro?
    Operation Gladio?
    How many Agents Provacateur are out and about stirring things up?
    Biden has stated he wants a domestic terrorism bill…
    Habeas Corpus was revoked in the 2012 NDAA.
    What I do know for sure is that things are going to get real messy and real ugly.
    Cui Bono?

  3. Tom,

    I’ve no doubt that these crews are full of Feds. The question I have is, for which team are these Feds playing?

    The FBI just got caught performing the worst political skullduggery since Watergate, maybe since 1609. They have shown zero willingness to hold anyone accountable, in fact quite the opposite.

    So whose team are these Feds on, Tom? The side of peaceable Americans? Or is this one more in a long list of FBI-promoted coup attempts against Trump and against the American people? We all remember Russiagate, 25th Anendment, Ukraine Boogaloo, and on and on.

  4. Thanks, John.
    The Feds seem to be doing what they can to escalate things.
    This business of grabbing people off the street with no probable cause by “Police” in unmarked vans who refuse to identify themselves, hauling them off to a government building for questioning and then letting them go is not good.
    No paperwork and it’s supposedly not an arrest…
    I seem to recall a quote that goes something like “First they came for the assholes, and then they ran out of room”
    Something like that…
    There are serious problems with Policing here in the USA.
    The “LEO Bill of Rights” which legally established Cops as a separate and superior caste of “Citizen”.
    Civil Asset forfeiture which amounted to $14 Billion in 2014 and which provides between 25% and 40% of police budgets in most major cities is no more or less than armed robbery under color of law.
    “Qualified Immunity” is a big one, if any group of people given authority have no accountability they will abuse that authority.
    If there are no consequences for bad behavior you get more bad behavior.
    Cops are a necessary evil, it’s about time they were held to the same standards of behavior as you and I are.

    • There is some news on the police I am debating with myself about posting. It will send most of you into a fit of rage. its infuriating and perfectly sums up police mentality

    • Tom,

      Most of us here have no great love for how the police in America in 2020 operate.

      There was a brief moment in late May when there was a moment of opportunity for us to come together as a country to make some positive, needed changes. But a united America is threatening to some people, so instead we got race baiting, police de-funding and the open Marxism of #BLM.

      Now we don’t get to talk about asset forfeiture and choke holds, we’re busy arguing which race’s lives matter in the USA and whether or not anyone should answer the phone when we call 911.

      The people on the other side of this argument are not reasonable people acting in good faith. They are literally trying to destroy our country. We will not find a reasonable accommodation with them and we should stop trying.

      Instead, we should demand that the “moderate, peaceful” Left get their dog back on the chain before we make a single change to how police operate.

      As for the Feds disappearing people, well, I’m not ready to buy this. First of all, the cops were in uniform. Whether their vehicles were “marked” or not is immaterial. Secondly, who are these political prisoners? Do they have names? Friends or family? When exactly did they go missing and for how long were they missing?

      The one video that I’ve seen of this sort of thing did *not* look like an arrest. It looked like a fake arrest with a willing black-clad “arrestee.” The Feds “snatching” their own assets off the streets is hardly the stuff that LatAm juntas are made of.

      I’m open to evidence that the Feds are acting against the Leftists extrajudicially, but so far all I’ve seen is the hyperventilating from the same hysterical Leftists who have been promising Literally Hitler for four years. So far I’ve seen zero actions from Trump to actually, you know, become a dictator. So far I’ve seen a President who acts far more within the constraints of the Constitution than the last one. I’ve seen a President that has been far more deferential to lawless court decisions than I would have advised him to be.

      So, Feds disappearing people? Color me skeptical.


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