The Redfield International Sight


Above is a front and rear Redfield International sight set. The other part is the block for mounting it on the side of the receiver of a Pre 64 model 70 or model 52. In fact it will work on a variety of guns. The front sight was mounted using the target block of the day like used by Unertl scopes. These sights were commonly used on match rifles for many years back in the day and while not up to snuff by modern standards, they are capable of some very fine shooting. Below is some of the original paperwork that came with them.


  1. I am hesitant to be critical, lest I expose even more of my ignorance than usual. However.

    Are you sure that front sight isn’t aRedfield Olympic?

  2. Many, many years ago, I asked our high skrool JROTC instructor why the Army had provided Olympic front sights for our Winchester 52D rifles equipped with International rear sights, instead of International front and rear. The reason, of course, had to do with the 50-foot small bore target, but I didn’t know that.

    MSG James gravely intoned, son, if the Army had wanted you to use one of those, it would have issued one to you.


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