Son & Husband Of Federal Judge Recently Assigned To Epstein Case Shot


When we first spotted headlines about a lone gunman’s lethal assault on the home of a federal judge in New Jersey, we feared this was just another example of how criminals have been emboldened by the nationwide backlash against law enforcement embodied by the ‘defund the police’ movement.

But that was before we learned that the judge targeted in the attack – Newark-based US federal judge Esther Salas – had been assigned to a Deutsche Bank/Epstein lawsuit just four days before the attack.

The shooting occurred Sunday night at around 5pmET. Salas 20-year-old son Daniel Anderl, a student, opened the door at the family home in North Brunswick after hearing the doorbell ring. The man outside appeared to be a FedEx employee, according to media reports.

Almost immediately, the gunman started blasting, shooting and killing Anderl, and badly wounding his father, Mark Anderl, 63, a prominent defense attorney in the area. Salas has reportedly received threats from time to time, but local press reported that Salas hadn’t received any threats recently.

Seated in Newark, Salas’ most high-profile cases recently involved the tax evasion prosecution of Joe Giudice, the husband of RHNJ star Theresa Giudice. She also spared a murderous gang leader from the death penalty over what she ruled was an intellectual disability that made him ineligible for capital punishment.

But Salas is now presided over an ongoing lawsuit brought by Deutsche Bank investors who claim the company made false and misleading statements about its AML policies while failing to monitor “high-risk” customers like sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Since the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell, public interest in all things Epstein has been revived.

The FBI revealed last night that it will be spearheading the investigation into the slaying.

Investigators said they’re looking into any connections to the Epstein/DB lawsuit, while also investigating any connections to her husband’s work as a criminal defense attorney.

The FBI’s announcement was met with a sarcastic response by many on twitter.

So far, authorities have refused to confirm that the Epstein connection might have been a motive. A friend of the judge’s said Salas hadn’t received any threats recently. Of course…


  1. For the sake of argument… If the judge was the target, why didn’t the shooter complete the act? From the sound of things, the husband and son were incapacitated, so it would have been very simple for the shooter to enter the home and finish the job. From the description of events I’ve read elsewhere, there wasn’t anything to stop them from doing that… So, why didn’t they kill her, as well?

    There’s something very “off” with this situation, and I don’t quite know what it is. Was the son possibly the target? Some stories have him answering the door, some his father.

    More time will tell, but I lay money that either the killer winds up a literal dead-end for the investigation, or they never catch his ass.

    Would not surprise me in the least if this were actually a false-flag operation, intended to target Trump and his dealings with that bank. It does not make sense that an Obama appointee would be targeted by the Clintons, as one would assume that she would be playing ball with that side. So… Why? Either she’s got integrity and honesty, vis-a-vis any Clintonian involvement, or she’s been expended as a victim in a false flag setup.

    I suppose that it’s remotely possible that some random FedEx driver was just having a bad day, and decided to take out his workplace frustrations on a random target. That, however, is something I find ridiculously unlikely.

  2. Well, now… That’s interesting. Reports are that they’ve found the shooter, and that he was a “white male” attorney who’d had a case in front of the judge back in 2015. More details to follow, no doubt…

    Dude is dead of a “self-inflicted gunshot” in his car, found with a FedEx package addressed to the judge.

    Does any of this sound at all… Likely? Guy has a court-case induced case of rage for five years, and now decides to act on it a few days after the judge is assigned an Epstein-related case? One that involves the same bank that Trump used, and that they tried to pry his tax records out of?

    It’s a marker of the times that you can’t look at this and go “Oh, yeah… Nut job.”.

    • Judges’ job description basically includes, “You are guaranteed to piss off every single claimant and attorney that you rule against. You are also highly likely to piss off a good number of the people you rule in favor of.”

      So the odds that this has to do with Epstein stuff in particular seems unlikely.

      But finding the shooter dead from suicide makes it… a little fishy, huh? Kinda Jack-Ruby-like?


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