Top Man Teaches Kids Respecting Of Authority


The Top. Men. at the FBI have taken a bad rap lately. But there are still some Top men out there who take their duty seriously and try to uphold the highest standards of the US Government and law enforcement. This retired FBI agent will be damned if he lets some kids question the authority of even a ex-Top. man.

He faces four counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, leaving the scene of an accident with property damage and negligent operation of a motor vehicle.

No children were injured, according to police reports.

The children told investigators Hedges, 61, gunned his truck at them, ran over a curb and hit a fence.

Hedges told police the children antagonized him, making obscene gestures and swearing at him.

Well that changes things! Howa dare they not show the proper respect and deference to this Toppest of Top Men!

Hedges recently retired after 26 years with the FBI as a special agent and supervisory agent. He was hired last year as director of public safety at The Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield. I think some one needs to talk to the person in charge of hiring there. Their judgement is not sound.

His attorney, Daniel Bergin, declined comment. Hedges remains free with no bail.

Eastern States Exposition President Eugene Cassidy said Hedges informed him of the incident and offered to resign, but Cassidy said he supports Hedges.


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