New Force X2 Personal Defense Shotgun Loads


Here is the full official Press & Propaganda release on that new Federal self defense shotgun load I talked about the other day.

ANOKA, Minnesota – July 13, 2020 – New Personal Defense ammunition from Federal turns shotguns into the ultimate defensive platform. Force X2 copper-plated 00 FX2 buckshot pellets are specially engineered to split into two equal-size pieces on impact. Shipments of this new product have begun to arrive at dealers.

Force X2 utilizes nine splitting pellets to create up to 18 wound channels which improves the transfer of energy from the payload to the target and minimizes the potential for over-penetration reducing the risk to bystanders. Force X2 is also loaded for more manageable recoil, allowing the shooter to stay on target for faster follow-up shots and better accuracy in a self-defense situation.

“Federal’s splitting buckshot is the first significant change to buckshot ammo in over a century. The expert ammunition engineers at Federal decided it was time for improvements in buckshot that would help in some Personal Defense situations,” said Federal Ammunition Shotshell Product Manager Dan Compton. “This new self-defense shotgun load is designed for tremendous energy transfer for a wider and larger amount of terminal damage.”

Testing by Federal engineers conducted at the Federal Ammunition factory in Anoka, Minnesota showed patterns of 4 ½ inches at 7 yards and 14 inches at 20 yards using an improved cylinder choke. Patterns of 4 ¼ inches at 7 yards and 12 inches at 20 yards were achieved with a modified choke. Tests using 10-percent ballistic gel were also conducted by Federal engineers. The range of penetration depth of the segmented pellets in ballistic gel is 5 ¼ to 14 ½ inches with an average of 9 ½ inches. The average depth when pellets start segmenting is 4.5 inches after impact.

• 12-gauge 2 ¾-inch nine-pellet segmenting buckshot
• Nine FX2 copper-plated buckshot pellets designed to split in half on impact
• Manageable recoil
• The pattern and power of buckshot
• Double the wound channels
• Less collateral damage risk from over-penetration

Federal ammunition can be found at dealers nationwide or purchased online direct from Federal. For more information on all products from Federal or to shop online, visit


  1. So what’s the advantage vs a smaller shot like #4 buck? Perhaps lesser shot spread since fewer projectiles? Sounds like what they’re saying re “pattern” — and apparently also advertising better against intermediate barriers and heavy clothing w/ “penetration.”

    Halving the profile means one face will have the diameter of a B/BB shot, while the other 00 buck, so greater penetration w/ former and less with the latter, meaning more inconsistency. Guess they’re saying that’s a good thing that some pellets stop at 5″ in what appears to be bare gel?

    By weight and projectile #s, you’re basically @ #3 buck.

    Curious about the price point… But seems gimmicky — and certainly you’re paying extra for the copper-washed coating that’s on the box photo. #4 buck does stand to run more expensive than 00 buck, so curious about delta between #4 and this…


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