Colt Night Cobra


I was at my friend’s gun shop a few days ago and saw he has one of the Colt Night Cobras in stock. ( Williamson Gun & Archery, Williamnson , WV 304-235-5169 ). I really like the look of these better than the stainless. That semi satin, semi Matte finish is very attractive in person. I really wish Colt would do a 1911 in that finish. I took a few Karl styled photos of it.

The front night sight did not turn out too well for the picture.


  1. I sense a disturbance in the force. A developing desire in you to shoot one of these guns. Then to own one. Then another revolver, then another and another…like me….

    Eventually you will become known on the internet as “Shawn the Wheelgunner”.

    Trust me….I can see it now.


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