My Budget Rifle Bro


” It’s ok bro. I’ve fired dozens of rounds through it and it works just as good as that over priced rollmark, even though I have never fired or owned one of those over priced rollmark guns”


  1. I get it. I think you can build a mil spec quality AR today for $500-$550. I like Rock River for complete guns, and Palmetto State Armory (PSA), for “build it how you want“.
    For people that like the
    “boutique“ guns, have at it. Spend an extra $1000 for the fancy role mark. I’ll spend the extra thousand dollars on match grade ammo from Creedmoor, and more reloading components.
    Your money/your decision. 🙂

  2. I don’t get butthurt over it, personally. Usually they give me a chuckle, too.

    I built both of my ARs a piece at a time, as I could afford to spent the money.

    If I’d saved up to buy the Daniel Defense AR that I’d like to have, or one of the other similar options, then I’d still be saving instead of having, because something always comes up that needs the money.

    The one I was using for 3 gun matches before the beer virus shut them down worked fine for a year and a half that I was playing the game. The only malf with it was when I didn’t put the magazine all the way in, and it fell out before the stage started (operator error). I wouldn’t say I’d go to war with it, but if I need it for serious social purposes I don’t think it’ll let me down. And at my age, if they were sending me to war we’re screwed.

    Are the two I built as good as a Colt, or Daniel Defense, or *insert other manufacturer name here*? I don’t believe so, and I’m not going to make any claims other than I can follow directions and know what torque values are. Watching the School of the American Rifle videos on the Tube of You make me want to tear them apart and get a ton of gauges and tools to check them over. And the one where he checks over a milsurp barrel shows that even the “proper” manufacturers can put out bad (or less than good) parts.

    The folks that get all butthurt over it definitely need to evaluate their lives and priorities, because there’s a whole lot of dung out there to be seriously worried about. Someone denigrating your cheap rifle isn’t one of them.


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