Portland Antifa Sets Up ‘Occupied Zone’


Two weeks after Seattle’s ‘Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone’ was disbanded following three weeks of lawlessness resulting in two murders and four shootings, Portland’s Antifa cell set up their own (not so) safe-space.

Using stolen construction equipment and kitchen appliances, ‘PNW Youth Liberation Front‘ set up barricades outside the Portland federal courthouse, dubbing it the “Chinook Land Autonomous Territory,” or CLAT.,,,Snicker

……”they could have more appropriately gone with the Chinook Unified National Territorial System, where unemployed degenerates can preach Chinook Region Autonomous Policies.

Perhaps you can add your own suggestions in the comments section below?


  1. Chinook League of Unstoppable Economic Legends Ensuring Stunning Success.

    Or alternatively, ‘District 9’, which it will soon resemble.

  2. I think that the leftists are starting to run short on people’s patience for this sort of crap, even in goofball liberal cities like Seattle and Portland. The few pics and honest reporting by independent people from these actions show that these BLM and Antifa clowns make a huge mess of the area, and cause millions in property damage and lost business.


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