Top. Man. Kills Top. man.


Oh boy there is a lot to say about this one.

Calvin Salyers, an Arkansas police officer who told a colleague he’d shoot any protesters through the door if they came to his home. Salyers has been charged with manslaughter after accidentally shooting a fellow officer, authorities said Thursday, July, 9, 2020. (Saline County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — An Arkansas police officer who allegedly told a colleague that he’d shoot through the door if any protesters came to his home has been charged with manslaughter in the fatal shooting of a fellow officer who knocked on his door, authorities said Thursday.

Now this is the kind of super professional and rationally thinking man I want on the force protecting me.

Calvin Salyers, a 33-year-old officer in the Little Rock suburb of Alexander, surrendered on Wednesday in the June 3 fatal shooting of Officer Scott Hutton, the state police said.

Hutton, 36, went to Salyers’ home to pick up a patrol unit and was shot through the door after knocking on it, a state police investigator said in an arrest affidavit. Salyers told investigators he grabbed his handgun before he went to the door and saw a figure on his porch wearing a dark shirt and with a gun on his hip.

Nothing says deadly threat like a guy showing up on your front porch knocking on your door while calling your name. Thank god this Top Man didn’t live some where that open carry is common place or there would be a stadium full of dead people.

Salyers told investigators his gun went off when he transferred it from his right to his left hand and reached for the doorknob. On a 911 call, Salyers can be heard saying, “All I seen was a gun, it was an accidental discharge,” the affidavit said. “only police should have guns”

A judge set a $15,000 bond for Salyers, who was released from jail later Wednesday. A man who answered the number listed for Salyers in his arrest affidavit said it wasn’t the officer’s. Alexander Police Department didn’t immediately reply to a phone message seeking further information.

So what do we make out of this? Some one was messing with some one’s wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/Nongenderspecificsignificantother? Some one found out about some pictures on a hard drive? Some one was dirty? Or just pure unvarnished idiocy?


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