S&W Model 645 “Miami Vice”


Luis, who has been writing articles for the website is excited to be getting a new gun. Being from Florida, he has a thing for Miami Vice despite being a disgusting millennial, But then again don’t we all? I’m a GenX’er who never let the 80s so I sure like it.

Bren 10 owned by friend of the website Stuart Palmer ( www.thevintage1911.com)

When Miami Vice hit the small screen, no serious gun person did not notice the handgun carried by Sonny Crocket. The Bren 10 made an instant impact and demand for it exceeded the company’s ability to keep up. The 10MM round of course went along for the ride. Equally cool was Sonny’s Jackass Leather shoulder holster, now sold by Galco as the “Miami Classic”.

I have one of these myself and it is the gold standard for shoulder holsters.

So anyway, After a couple of seasons the Miami Vice show switched to the Vice cops using Smith & Wesson handguns. Luis got one of the models of S&Ws used in the show which you can read about below.

I’m getting a Miami Vice gun!

Well, not an actual screen used gun. But it is the same model.

In season three, Don Johnson used a S&W Model 645 as his duty pistol.

The Smith replaced the Bren Ten since by that point, the gun had issues and Michael Mann wanted Sonny Crocket to use the latest and greatest and the S&W Model 645 was the latest and greatest at the time.

Here is a Soldier of Fortune article about the guns being used. The S&W Model 645 is of course discussed.



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