Some Updated Branding


I had a couple of changes made to the website’s logo/brand. This makes the logo more accurately inline with the content on the website.

As you have noticed this year the site has expanded. Most importantly was the expansion of things covered. We never did set out to be just a gun review website. That was just the easiest thing to do at first and neither Howard or myself was really happy with that pigeon hole. Since we have expanded the topics out to not just guns but gun related topics and news, the site is more like what we originally planned. And you guys seem to have responded to it in a positive way. With that in mind I had the logo changed to better reflect what the website is about. Expect a change at the top whenever Howard gets around to it.


  1. ” Since we have expanded the topics”,you mean,like Hawaii shirts and such?!

    On a serious note,growth a good thing as increases info and at times makes it fun in a trying world(hate mail a favorite for me!).

    Am glad to see the growth as we have in past and still are losing sites such as Kevins and now Remus’s Woodpile.


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