Series 70 Colt Yost Bonitz


Our boy Karl ( has provided these again today. A really nice custom Colt.


      • Look at the slots on the grip screws. On both sides, the slots are in the same orientation, top and bottom, and the slots are aligned with the long axis of the grips.’

        This doesn’t happen by accident. It takes some work to get the screws to align like that, and then it means that the screws have to be kept with the particular hole they go into when pulling off the grips so when you put the grips back on, the screws time up again.

          • There are many things on a well-finished gun that the average gun owner/buyer does not notice, but that gunsmiths do notice. Timed screws is one such thing.

            The finish on the screws, the crispness of edges on a polished piece of a gun, the luster once it is blued, on and on. There are a number of very small details that catch my eye on guns. I’ll talk about one of them on the thread concerning those two duty revolvers that were posted after this.


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