Gun handling for survival


By BurnedOutLEO

Things have gone pretty crazy this year. A lot of violence and rioting. Also a lot of firearm sales and I would imagine a lot of firearm carrying by people who usually don’t carry. I have seen a lot of videos of encounters where people are not handling their firearms in the best way. Remember, survival is a triangle. The three sides are Physical, Legal, and Mental survival. A failure in any of the categories is a total failure.

So lets talk about gun handling in potentially lethal encounters. Most people will never amass enough experience in potentially deadly encounters to get good at it. A normal person may be in one or two potentially deadly situations in a lifetime. Many will never be in one at all. They happen all the time to someone though and there have been lessons learned. What we are seeing now is mostly failure in Legal and Mental areas.

Lets talk about how to apply your gun as weapon in a way that will give you the best chance of surviving Physically, Legally, and Mentally.

First, know the laws in your area. They vary widely from state to state. If you don’t understand when deadly force is justified in your jurisdiction your chance of legally surviving is low. Don’t guess. Don’t listen to gun store lawyers. Find the people in your area who know the law and learn it even if you have to pay for it. Most concealed carry classes cover that stuff but some of them are better than others. Remember this though, most of the time no fight means you win. Don’t be baited into trouble by shit talkers, etc. Don’t let your emotions get the better of you if you are confronted with hostile individuals. Your only concern is if they pose a deadly threat to you. No one is going to change anyone’s mind any more and who needs a bunch of hassle.

Lets talk about the couple in Missouri who defended their home with a rifle and handgun. Their tactics have been roundly criticized because they sucked. Now they are in a bunch of shit because of their gun waving. While they physically survived and seem to be legally surviving, they are mentally and financially suffering because of the incident. They confronted the mob and stirred up stuff when they didn’t have to. The man could have maintained a position of advantage from which he could have watched the mob with his rifle and himself out of sight. If someone lit a Molotov cocktail in front of his house, he could have dropped him just as easily from a position of advantage as he could have out in front of his house. Plus he had no cover where he was and could have easily been shot by someone in the crowd. Think the prosecutor would have been OK with that? I bet she would have been. An AR shoots flat out to 300 yards no problem. You don’t have to close with people if you have a rifle and can see them. They went out there with guns as a warning to the mob. Guns are not an instrument of warning. They are a tool of killing. Do not use your gun to warn people. That is almost always a mistake.

This brings me to an important point about gun handling in the street. That is keep your gun out of sight. That is what fast draw is all about. If you can not make fast hits from the leather your pistol is of little use to you. You must be able to place 2 fast hits into the sternum area of a target in 1.0-1.5 seconds to be effective. This is what gives you the ability to seem non threatening and maybe deescalate while still being able to conclude the encounter at the moment of your choosing in your favor if necessary. If you can’t do this start working on it. It is the main skill you need.

If you are at home or a place of business and there is not a full blown riot going on don’t showboat with your rifle. Have it slung at your side or back low key while you maintain a position of advantage. It only takes a second to bring it into play. If a shit talker singles you out and starts giving you a hard time just smile, wink, and blow him a little kiss. Don’t say a word. There is nothing to be gained by it. But ideally he will never see you.

I saw the guy in Philly today pointing his gun at a guy with a bike lock. I’m not sure exactly what happened in that situation but it appears it started with some shit talking and dude ended up taking the bait. Most of the stuff I am seeing is not worthy of drawing, but people are pulling their gun because they either have no draw so they have to get their gun out way ahead of time, or they are warning the person. That guy may have legal survival problems due to the hostile climate he is in. That is not going to be good for him mentally and probably financially either.

I also saw the video of a guy on a motorcycle having an AR pointed at him in Michigan. That is a clear shoot situation. The rifle wielder has no legal justification for threatening to kill the rider. However, that is a classic no fight/ you win situation. The rider is not suffering from physical, legal, or mental failure to survive even though he was justified in handling that guy.

These are turbulent times no doubt. All the more reason to be careful. So do your best to stay out of trouble. Do not allow yourself to be baited into a no win situation. If streets are blocked just go around. There is nothing to be gained by giving the leftists what they want which is conflict and martyrs. They don’t have widespread support and that is why they are trying to use fear to attain their goals.

Do not draw until it is time to shoot. And remember just because you can shoot doesn’t mean you have to shoot. If you are truly forced to fire then so be it. It is a lot easier to articulate a situation in which you are forced to fire than a grayer situation esp if you live in an area where you may be politically prosecuted. It is a fine line when it comes to the moment to fire. Most of the time though if you have a lot of time to think about whether or not you should shoot you don’t have to.

Do not draw on people and then have conversations with them. That is a loser for you. Maintain advantage at all times. Do not be baited into mess. Do not warn/threaten people or tell them to drop their weapon. Do not be a gun waver. I can not stress that enough.

Hopefully things will get better and we will be able to live in peace. As an American I do not see how shooting each other is going to solve our problems, and there does seem to be a faction who are all about creating the “why don’t you and him fight” scenario in America. It may not get better and we may find ourselves in increasingly difficult times. But whatever happens make sure you are not manipulated into making a bad decision with a gun.


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