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Let’s talk about the content of the site and what you want to read about. I know you have probably noticed not a lot of gun reviews and testing etc as you are used to reading about here.

The reason is the Wuhan strain has severely hampered my ability to get writer’s demos and to even buy stuff straight up out of frustration. You recall I submitted the form for a Colt Python way back in Feb. Well, blame Wuhan for that. There was a lot of stuff that was headed my way before this idiotic kung flu panic hit and everything shut down. Then consumers went into another panic buy for guns and ammo as they learned the government can’t and won’t help them once lock downs ground everything to a halt then riots and looting and violence kicked off.

All that is just a long way of saying I haven’t been able to get my hands on anything new. It also means a broader range of content topics as I go forward with my goal of 8-12 new posts per weekdays. So. What do you want to read about this week and next? More older stuff? Military related? History? Do you like the pictures from Karl of the revolvers and vintage stuff? Want me to revisit some of our early topics? You tell me in the comments. I have a lot of sources to draw from and a lot of useless trivia on a lot of topics already in my brain taking up space so don’t hesitate to suggest anything that can reasonably be justified being put up here. Let’s hear it.

All those T&E guns and gear will eventually show up and I will be able to do some of the other things I had planned , it’s just gonna be a longer wait. So until then..


  1. While the humor is always welcome personally get the most out of how to/how to get better articles whether shooting/firearm care/med care ect.,articles that lead me and others to hopefully gain a little more knowledge.A suggestion might be building using high quality PSA uppers ect.!

    I would also say up to date stuff like the ghost guns article to keep us warned/prepared/try and fight bad legislation ect. also a good and timely thing.

    On a sad side note,Charlie Daniels passed away,a damn good musician but also one hell of a patriot.

    • How to what though? Is there anything I could add to any possible topic related to shooting? There is an infinite amount of how to’s all over hell’s half acre.

  2. Well,seeing the old article above about land nav is going to be a revisit for me and a reminder to get me compass and map out and use them again!

    I understand there are only so many original songs/story lines ect. but different takes on say dialing in a rifle/improving shooting skills/ all have the authors own thoughts/ways of doing something.I say the broader exposure to ideas/ways to do something benefits all who take the time to learn/try new ways out.

    I would say a good article that am sure has been done many times but fitting in these times would be how to set up and get started reloading without breaking the bank might be given the changes a good one and inspire a few to get at it.

    I guess another tack would be for you and Howard to chat a bit and just keep throwing new article thoughts at each other,my guess is you will find a lot covered but suddenly a new tack/idea(s0 might hit.

    Till then,when in a jam and need some fill,1911 porn always a good one!

    • Howard has been very busy lately. But I expect him to continue his small team tactics articles. I thought about doing a reloading thing many times but I get skittish on that one. Some one will blame me when they lose a finger or blow their gun up because they are an idiot. I will ponder on it a while and maybe do something. Maybe at least talk about what I like to use.

  3. Always write about what want to write and what you feel knowledgeable about. In my experience that leads to the best written and most enjoyable articles. And frankly, I’ve been enjoying the recent diversification of content.

    As for what I want, for one I’d love a clear and concise writeup on the history of Unertl optics. Just like the one you did for Fecker optics. Yeah sure looking at funky old optics is nice, but I’d like to know where they come from and what they’ve been used for.
    A couple pieces on support weapons like field guns, mortars, recoilless guns, AA guns would also be nice, but that might be outside of your area of expertise. Seriously why is it so difficult to find info on that stuff on the internet?

    And if everything else fails you can always resort to baiting our star commenters into posting those awesome, page-long rants 😉

    • what was that one about? I dont even remember. Was it the one about the yankee sniper California Joe? I have an endless supply of Civil War stuff. I know way too much about the civil war to not be a college professor

  4. 1) Silencers for a fighting AR-15.

    2) Body armor for non-combat uses (home defense, civil unrest). Coordinating soft and hard armor, selecting plates.

    3) An article to convince new shooters to get an AR-15 as their first gun instead of a bolt action .308.

  5. I had a couple other of thoughts,as I shoot a tiny bit with black powder/cap and ball pistols some thoughts on that always interested in.

    One thing would be VERY interested in is a article about a air/CO2 pistol that might fill the gap between dry fire exercises and shooting cartridges.Something one could use were shooting frowned upon due to noise ect.,real blow back and at least decent accuracy out to say 60-70 feet would be something I would really like.I road travel a lot and some places shooting a firearm not a go,but a quite air pistol ect. would be good to go.I would say also good for folks with a decent cellar depending on ammo used who do not have close by ranges.

    I am also interested in large bore air rifles and thoughts on them/cost/ect.,basically gor S7G’s and also when in a place cannot shoot with ease noisier firearms.

    As for a reloading article,perhaps just links to video’s ect if you are uncomfortable with actual loading do’s and dont’s due to a litigious society and good gear/dies.I have this covered personally but may be of use to new folks and I can certainly always use more info./skills.

    I will say the articles themselves while good also the feedback on them I at least find helpful on subjects.

    • Unless you guy start clicking on a few of the google ads that pop up every day there aint never gonna be any air rifle articles because I dont have the extra money to spend on buying them. Even though I would love to try that stuff out

      • Well,I get one and take a shine to it would be glad to do a review(you edit!).

        Actually,perhaps have guest posts with items you or Howard do not have or some esoteric weapon/skills might be a nice expansion of the site.

        I do not use”gaggle/book ect.” and frankly,was kicked off(good on me)from paypal.You folks have a PO box ect. would be glad to drop off a few bucks to keep the lights on,get you and Howard a few beers and pizza.

  6. Shawn—

    I second the Civil War requests.

    I also have a reloading request: I’ve been interested in reloading for almost as long as I’ve been a shooter, and I understand the very basics of it, but every time I look at the reloading gear in the Midway catalog, I get completely lost. What equipment does a guy need who just wants to hand load a couple of calibers at low volume with a single-stage press? I’m sure I could find this out from googling, but I haven’t looked.

    • For pistol calibres I recommend the Dillon Square deal. It works out of the box. I have one for 9mm and one for .38 special and I’ve reloaded around 100,000 rounds of ammo on those presses over the last 20 years or so with only one small part requiring replacement.

      They come with everything you need except a powder scale to set your charge weight. I recommend a small electronic one.

  7. Revolver pics from Karl are popular in my AO.

    Some thoughts:

    Internal ballistics….what happens from primer strike to projectile leaving the barrel…how a primer works, different primers, time/pressure curves, slow vs fast burning powders and barrel length

    External ballistics…after leaving the barrel….trajectory, velocity, drag, wind, passing through the sound barrier etc.

    Wound ballistics…primary and secondary cavities, penetration etc

    Big slow projectiles vs small fast ones….the 9mm/45 ACP debate again…what do you think?

    Possible new ammo tech developments…caseless ammo etc

    Equipment useful for long range shooting such as ballistics calculators

    Machine gun theory (my fave) cone of fire, first catch, beaten zones, grazing fire, enfilade deployment…Kirk probably has a handle on that too.

    I could go on and and, but there’s a few thoughts.

    Thanks for all your efforts. Looserounds is a daily read for me.


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