Home Owner Got Primitive


DO you think murders have become so common place that the locals went to primitive weapons to make it more of a challenge?

MUSKOGEE, Okla. – Muskogee police are investigating an Independence Day homicide where a suspected burglar was killed with a bow and arrow.
Authorities said the home they were called to Saturday night is a place they had been to several times over the last month.

“It is definitely pretty bizarre and not something that you hear about happening very often,” Muskogee Police Department officer Lynn Hamlin said. “We’ve had several homicides in those 15 years but none of them where a bow and arrow has been the weapon that was used.”

Officers received a call from Russell Jobe, who said a man was trying to break into his home. ?When officers arrived, the patio’s glass door was broken out.

The suspect, identified as Jarrod Godsey, was on the floor inside the home. Godsey was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officers said they’ve been called to the home several times over the last month to month-and-a-half. Authorities reported Godsey had been harassing Jobe.

“It is pretty bizarre that it ended and this way,” Hamlin said. “My biggest question would be what the dispute was over. He (Godsey) was trespassing in there, yet he was coming back.”

I guess he finally got the point.

Neighbors who live in the same duplex said the dispute between Godsey and Jobe had been ongoing throughout the year.

Police are still investigating the case. No arrests have been made.



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