Virginia Gun Ban Threat Comes Back


Anti-self-defense Delegate Mark Levine’s HB961, which banned “assault weapons”, suppressors, and magazines that hold over 10 rounds, was continued to 2021 back in February. But Governor Northam recently said he wants to revive it and has said he will convene a special session of the General Assembly in August.

Besides HB961, these other infringements could also be voted on in August:
repeal reciprocity with 25 states
shutdown indoor shooting ranges
restrict outdoor shooting ranges
no open carry in vehicles
proof of training to purchase a firearm
10% tax on guns and ammunition
conviction for various misdemeanors or a “hate crime” will take away gun rights
illegal to have guns in state or local government buildings
illegal to carry in Capitol Square or in the General Assembly
gun stores cannot employ anyone who is prohibited from owning firearms – even a janitor
and more


We need to have everyone contact their legislator using the link below to send a prewritten, but editable message to their legislators about opposing any gun control in the Special Session. I encourage you to customize the message, which will automatically go to your particular legislators based on your home address:


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