Russia creates new 7km-range sniper rifle


Fires propaganda at supersonic velocities!!!

It is set to be the longest-range special forces weapon in the world firing hypersonic bullets, and will serve all branches of the military.

What we know about the DXL-5

The DXL-5 is an ideological and technological advancement of the SVLK-14S rifle, which was nicknamed the Sumrak (Twilight) due to its ghoulish power.

“The Sumrak is custom-made, like a Ferrari or Porsche, for connoisseurs of high-precision guns and professional shooters who compete at long range,” Yuri Sinichkin, chief engineer of Lobaev Arms, told Russia Beyond.

The Sumrak was built for .408 CheyTac cartridges (10.3×77 mm), which exit the barrel at a speed of over 900 m/s. Moreover, a new type of powder-charge ammunition is being developed for the DXL-5, which will enable the bullet to fly at five or more times the speed of sound (greater than 1,500 m/s).

SVLK-14S Sumrak
Lobaev Arms

Vaporware pictured above.

This is needed because a bullet flying at 900 m/s arrives at the target after eight seconds, giving the enemy time to escape and make a cup of coffee. Therefore, to ensure the coffee never gets drunk, the new high-precision rifle needs ammunition that flies at no less than 1.5 km/s.

“Such a projectile can pierce 3cm-thick metal. Imagine what would happen if it hit a human being? No body armor would help,” noted the engineer.

The future cartridge is intended to destroy an enemy wearing sixth-class protection body armor (the most resistant). Such armor can be broached only by a WWII anti-tank rifle (such as the 14.5mm Simonov anti-tank semiautomatic) or something similar in terms of power, not range or accuracy.

The DXL-5 set to break the world record is being developed as a one-off collector’s item, similar to a luxury car. The standard model will also operate at ultra-long distances of approximately 5 km.

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