Taurus 1911 Commander


My Brother pick up a Taurus 1911 Commander and brought it by today. The gun has most of the things that factory 1911s come with these days.

Action was really gritty and tight at first. So tight I was surprised. After about 50 rounds it loosened up quite a bit. Sights are a sort of copy of the popular Novak combat sights. Trigger was heavy for a 1911 but crisp.

Best group was first group fired. 8 rounds off hand at 20 yards on 50 yard slow fire bullseye target. The rest not so much. Ammo was Winchester 230 ball service grade.


  1. From what I have seen the Tauruses are good guns if you replace all the small mim parts. Though I haven’t seen on e in a while and they very well may have improved.


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