Another Explosion Reported In Iran, This Time Northern Tehran


…a mysterious explosion has been reported in the northern part of the capital city, with unconfirmed sources on US social media claiming it might be tied with a strike on an Iranian weapons depot.

Iranian state news reported the explosion, and an ensuing fire. It’s unclear whether the fire has been brought under control.

Footage of the aftermath is circulating on social media.

It follows another mysterious explosion a few days ago that was never explained, though some attributed it to “disposal” of arms.


  1. makes me wonder if it was magnesium. My step dad said years ago when he was a mechanic him and the rest of the guys at the shop took a 10 old VW engine blocks that were toast, stacked them up at their party spot under the freeway overpass (since all the cement that makes up the river bed would keep their usual bonfir from spreading) and lit them on fire. Said it was so bright that even facing away from it was too much. Guess the light was seen miles away and made the news. I think this was early 80s. So maybe something of similar construction went up. or people being their usual stupid selves.


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