You can buy the gun used by Indiana Jones


Want to own the revolver Harrison Ford used onscreen in Indiana Jones Raiders of the lost Ark?


  1. From the listing, “Before it was sold at auction, the revolver was sympathetically de-activated in accordance with UK law. The Bapty is now incapable of firing real bullets so it is not classified as a firearm in the United States and it requires no firearm certificate to possess in the United Kingdom. Although this gun has been safely de-activated, the hammer, cylinder, and action all function as a Smith and Wesson hand ejector MKII revolver should. A certificate of de-activation from the London Proof House will accompany this sale.”

    So, no thank you – especially at a starting bid of $5M!. I’m not a prop collector, though, so perhaps this isn’t as much of an issue as it would seem to be to me.

    • He had a Webley part of the time in Last Crusade, but his gun from Raiders and part of Last Crusade was definitely a S&W Hand Ejector.

  2. Even with the letters of provenance, I don’t see how they get near $5 mil for this. They don’t know the gun market that well.

    When I last paid attention, George Washington’s (yes, that George Washington, the father of our country, the first president of the US, the CINC of the Revolutionary Army) saddle pistols (one intact, and one broken) sold as a pair for under $2 mil. Those are pistols of a real man, who did real things, with real impact on civilization and human history.

    A cobbled-up revolver that was handled for a few minutes by some jumped-up smug bastard, pretending to be an archeologist, bringing $5 mil? Don’t think so.

  3. And free shipping! With a starting bid of $5 million, they should hand deliver it personally… Good luck with your opening bid. Loved the movie.


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