You can smell this picture ( Depending on your age)


I know I can. Just looking at that I can smell those empties and the way the inside of the nose tingled. Last time I fired paper shotgun shells was 1988. I had a single shot 10guage shotgun and the only thing I could find for it for months was a couple of boxes of Winchester paper hull shells. I wanted a 10 so bad for some reason back then. I used it to squirrel hunt with if you can beleive that. The stupid youngster’s desire for the most power you can get. Now use a 16 guage exclusively for all my shotgun hunting uses.


  1. Yep-
    To this very day the only ‘snorting’ I ever have done:
    Smell a fresh fired paper shotgun shell.
    A wonderful experience most folks today have no idea about.

  2. I also fondly remember the powder smell that lingered in paper shells. It does tell your age but the shells were my Dads and I took a box of his shells. The smell is kind if like Hoppes #9 Solvent. I can remember when I was really to young to go hunting with my Dad he would clean up his Winchester 30-30 to get ready for hunting season. Both smells, although quite different, bring back good memories.


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