Summer Of Love Continues In CHAZ( Now CHOP)


Following roughly 2 weeks of existence that have been characterized by an incessant stream of video showing beatdowns, brazen theft, armed robbery and myriad other crimes and/or ‘revolutionary’ acts, Seattle’s autonomous zone has finally sustained its first casualty since “declaring independence” from the US.

According to the Seattle PD twitter account, the shooting has been ruled a homicide

At least one person is dead with another in critical condition after a shooting early Saturday morning in the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, or CHOP (as they’re now calling it). The shooting comes after the mayor of Seattle decided to appease the group of mostly fringe leftists and anarchists by barring cops from using tear gas and other crowd control methods.

According to the city’s official statement, when officers arrived on scene while responding to the shooting (and to try and administer aid to the then-mortally wounded victim) a violent crowd of CHOP denizens prevented the police from reaching the individual, who soon succumbed to his wounds.

Read the full press release below:

Homicide detectives are investigating following a fatal shooting that occurred early Saturday morning at 10th Avenue and East Pine Street. One man was declared deceased at the hospital and another male is being treated for life-threatening injuries.

On June 20th, at approximately 2:30 AM, East Precinct officers responded to a report of shots fired in Cal Anderson Park. This is inside the area referred to as the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP). Officers attempted to locate a shooting victim but were met by a violent crowd that prevented officers safe access to the victims. Officers were later informed that the victims, both males, had been transported to Harborview Medical Center by CHOP medics.

Officers responded to Harborview and were informed that one of the victims, a 19-year-old male, had died from injuries. The other victim, also a male, unknown age, remains in the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The suspect or suspect(s) fled and are still at large. There is no description at this time.

Homicide detectives responded and are conducting a thorough investigation, despite the challenges presented by the circumstances.
Anyone with information about this shooting, or who may have video, is asked to contact the Seattle Police Department’s Violent Crime tip line at (206) 233-5000.

This remains an active and on-going homicide investigation. This post will be updated as additional information becomes available.


  1. They are amazed that the paramedics wouldn’t go in, and wouldn’t believe a CHOPper who told them they’d be safe.

    • I know, right?

      As a EMT, I can tell you that SOP is to demand that LEO’s secure the scene of a crime (eg, a GSW or homicide) before you go in. It’s straight-up on every practical skills test for EMT/Medic, and is a “unitary failure criterion” for the test. In other words, even if you got all the medical stuff correct on the psychomotor skill test, not invoking the question “is the scene safe?” during the entry to the scene will cause a failure of that psychomotor skills test.


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