Indian Troops Given ‘Fire At Will’ Orders Against Chinese Troops If Threatened



multiple headlines in major Indian newspapers asserted that Indian troops have been issued the new controversial orders.

The Hindustan Times for one, had this to say

A significant change in Rules of Engagement (ROE) by the Indian Army following the Galwan Valley skirmish that left 20 Indian soldiers dead gives “complete freedom of action” to commanders deployed along the contested Line of Actual Control (LAC) to “handle situations at the tactical level,” two senior officers said on Saturday on condition of anonymity.

The commanders will no longer be bound by restrictions on the use of firearms and will have full authority to respond to “extraordinary situations” using all resources at their disposal, said one of the officers cited above.

troops will be able to fire on opposing Chinese troops if they feel under threat without consulting higher level officers or the national chain of command.

Obviously this holds the potential for more such deadly escalations as happened a week ago, considered the most severe Chinese-India clash along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in a half-century

June 16 satellite image showing Chinese military personnel in the Galwan Valley. Souce: 2020 Planet Labs/AFP/Getty Images

The Hindustan Times report cited another military source further, who explained: “With the changes in the ROE, there’s nothing that limits the ability of Indian commanders to take whatever action they deem necessary on the LAC. ROE have been amended to address the brutal tactics being employed by Chinese troops.”

Days after the Monday night clash, which apparently did not involve discharging of firearms, but instead brutal hand-to-hand combat that resulted in Indian soldiers succumbing to severe wounds in freezing high-altitude conditions, some almost unbelievable details emerged of the “violent face-off” in the western Himalayas.


  1. Look at the sources of India’s water.
    Not a fight they can quit, or win.
    And that is real mountain fighting, not easy on troops unused to the altitude and not conducive to supply, resupply or close air support.
    A shitty place to be a grunt.


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