FWB bicyclist shot in head with arrow from crossbow.


The victim was riding his bike near Shell Avenue and First Street SE late Sunday when a truck pulled beside him and the driver shot him in the head with an arrow, according to a press release from the City of Fort Walton Beach.

Man that’s just medieval. Headshotting a guy with a crossbow. That’s hardcore.

Officers rendered aid to the victim, and he was taken to the Fort Walton Beach Medical Center for serious head injuries and later released.

Detectives investigated and found that the suspect, Mathew Ross Peters, 42, was operating the suspected vehicle, a 90′s model Ford pickup truck, and fired the arrow from a crossbow into the victim’s head. A “Be on the Lookout” for the vehicle was put out to area law enforcement.

On Tuesday, at approximately 1 p.m., a Fort Walton Beach police detective spotted the suspect vehicle parked at the Sea Breeze Inn at 100 Miracle Strip Parkway, the release said.

A perimeter was established at the hotel and surveillance was conducted until 5:30 p.m. when the suspect was spotted exiting his room armed with a crossbow.

He was immediately taken into custody without further incident. He was also in possession of methamphetamine, the release said.

A subsequent search warrant conducted on his hotel room revealed further evidence related to the crime. I can’t imagine what else they found but would love to know.

Peters was charged with one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, one count of firing a deadly missile into a moving vehicle and possession of methamphetamine. Damn, how common is it that they have a specific law about firing a deadly missile into a moving vehicle?



  1. History repeats itself as farce. The last alleged crossbow assault of interest was perpetrated by Richard Kuklinski.

  2. Crossbows. I have one. They’re quite impressive weapons for their size. There are compound bows that have more power/velocity, but for the element of surprise and stealth, a crossbow is hard to beat. Holding a compound bow at full extension is tiring, even with high let-off ratios. A crossbow can remain cocked and ready to go for a long damn time, and when you need it, you aim and pull the trigger.

    The one downside of modern crossbows vs. modern compounds is that crossbows are noisier than modern compounds. Modern compounds can now be made quite quiet.

  3. I’m not sure how the law is worded there, but it is illegal to fire or shoot into an occupied vehicle (or dwelling) with any weapon in all States, AFAIK.
    Google “shoot into occupied vehicle” and State Laws will come up in the hits.


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