Update. Image From Self Defense Incident Yesterday


I’m sure most of you have seen the video I posted yesterday of the guy airing out one of the commies that attacked him. Of course he was arrested and taken in.


Seems some worthy was able to freeze the video and pointed out the lie that the attacker was no threat.

That is a hell of a lot closer than the 21 foot rule.

“Peaceful protestors fighting fascists”.


  1. The docs I’ve seen found from Antifa training indicate that they use a number of improvised, potentially lethal devices as weapons that have “plausible deniability” if they can drop them and get some distance from the weapon.

    This Antifa thug having a weapon in this photo won’t change the mind of the state’s female governor. Nooo. She’s got her mind made up already – Antifa are a bunch of upstanding, engaged yutes, and can’t possibly be wrong. The “militia” guarding the statue are guilty in her eyes, even if a gun were never used here.

    • The ‚Äúpeaceful protestors‚ÄĚ seem to have been using lots of skateboards to smash cars, store windows, and as we saw in ABQ, people‚Äôs heads. A skateboard is a supremely deniable weapon, and if it winds up with brain matter on it, you can just drop it. Put enough grip tape on it and nobody will get any prints off it.

  2. Who funds antifa, when were they created and who controls the media? When someone uses gun to commit a crime we don’t blame the gun. When someone uses the media to start anti white violence we must blame those in control of the media not the weapon itself.

  3. 100% justified and unless the Jury and judge are picked to be bias he will win

    The cost of his defense will be another punishment


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