Some Thompson History


I found this series of pictures on my old computer yesterday while looking for something else. I don’t remember where or what show it was I took these but I am pretty sure I never put these on the website . I’m thinking it was one of the NRA shows.

Anyway. You can see a lot of Thompson SMGs that are historically significant. Sorry I don’t remember enough about it to add in details.


  1. To this day, I don’t know why certain guns have such a hold on the psyche of gun buyers. Two examples that I’ll put out there:

    1. The Thompson “Tommy Gun” – it’s slow, complicated to manufacture and therefore expensive, a heavy beast, take complicated magazines. Yet, lots of Americans have a yearning to own one.

    2. The P-08 Luger. Again, complicated to machine. Finicky when dirty. Expensive as hell (the last ones that Krieghoff made were over $8K each). Nearly everyone seems to have a boner for Lugers – at least until they see the price.


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