Some Mid-Week Whimsy


A friend who lives in Saigon sent this to me. Apparently this was her first time seeing this phenomenon and with Vietnamese being extremely superstitious, I had to explain that it is not that uncommon. Even with the American sun. Her response was her classic teasing . “uh huh , oh sure, everything special happens in America.”

Which reminds me of a joke she told me years ago . In Vietnam , you can imagine there are plenty of jokes about Americans. One of the jokes they tell is something we could apply to Texans. It translates to basically mean “the American moon is bigger than the Vietnamese moon”.

Don’t get the idea Vietnamese still hate us. They love Americans. The jokes are not mean spirited at all but play on stereotypes from media. My all time favorite was that Vietnamese think all Americans “Wash their face with Coca-cola in the morning and have steak every day for breakfast.” There are more but I won’t tell them because in text they come off as mean spirited and hateful when they really aren’t. It’s kind of one of those deals where you have to hear it in person.


  1. I was under the impression the full circle rainbow could be seen only from in the air as in from an airplane. I’ve seen that twice. Flying between two cloud layers, the full circle image is on the top of the lower layer and the shadow of the plane stays in the center. Or perhaps this is something a bit different.

  2. You mean there are settings between “unquestioning love, acceptance and affirmation of an ethnic group” and “genocide”? I don’t believe you, Shawn.

  3. I think there is a excellent opportunity for re-normalization of relations between the US and Vietnam, in the interests of both countries against the PRC.

    Vietnam knows that the US is the only player in the world who can counter-balance the expansionist ideas of the Chinese.

    • I think things have been normalized for a couple decades now, A few years ago when China was trying to bully VN, the prime minister of Vietnam mentioned ” it would be good to see the US navy back in hanoi harbor” that right there is all you need to know.


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