Mitchell Optics Inc.


George Mitchell hand made these optics back in the late 90s and early 2000s. The above ad is from a 2001 issue of Precision Shooting magazine. He retired from making these optics not long after. Reportedly due to failing eye sight. The scopes were highly regarded and were starting to show up at the usual places like NBRSA matches and 1,000 yard bench Rest matches. Like Unertls, they could stand up to the recoil of a 50BMG. Something a lot of optics at the time could not be counted on to do over months of shooting the huge wildcats used in those competitions.

Reflecting their intended use, most were in very high magnification like 24X , 36Xand I believe even as high as 40X. The elevation and windage micrometer adustments are external of course and the mounts also had micrometer adjustment built into them.

Meant to be the next generation of the Unertl Programmer scopes, they would have likely made John Sr. Proud. It’s a shame Mitchell’s small operation didn’t turn into something big. He seems to have closed up shop sometime in 02-03.

I was talking to my mentor , Brady on the phone about these and Unertls yesterday and the topic of Unertl type external adjustable scopes came up. After talking about how well they would do if brought back today we both agreed they probably wouldn’t make it. They are for avery select clientale or niche and probably the only people who would buy them new would be people who are loyal to tradition.

It’s a shame that the fast majoirty of shooters now feel no sense of tradition and would think of it as FUDD shit and laugh it off while they run off to the range with vortex scopes, chinese red dots and plastic handguns. But that gets me on another road I will have to rant about later.


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