CHAZ/CHOP Goings On 6/17/2020


So whats been going on in the new mini Stalingrad out west?


13 John McDermott, owner of Car Tender, which is located just outside Seattle’s CHAZ


An auto shop owner on the edge of Seattle’s cop-free CHAZ  says police refused to help as an angry mob stormed his property — forcing his son to pull a gun to protect them, according to video and reports.

John McDermott told KIRO 7 News that he initially tried to detain a protester Sunday night who stole cash and set a fire in his Car Tender business on the edge of the so-called “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.”

His son, Mason McDermott, helped tackle the suspect, who “tried to cut me with a box cutter,” he told the station, showing large slits in his jeans close to his crotch.

Other protesters soon arrived — and video on social media shows the mob eventually knocking over a section of fencing, running in to confront the owners and angrily demand the return of the original suspect.

Now the best part.

McDermott told the station he repeatedly dialed 911 for both police and fire crews. “All told 19 times,” he said.

He was “heartbroken” when they “finally said that they weren’t going to send somebody,” he said. “I mean, they are the cavalry,” he told the station.

Looks like some one just now woke up to the fact that the state and the police can’t help you and don’t really care.


But in video that can be viewed on YouTube, an unidentified speaker at the “block party” seems to imply that what is going on inside the zone is the desire to bring the horrors of the 18th-century French Revolution to the cities of America.

Speaking to the crowd with a bullhorn, the man shouts, “Has anybody here ever heard of the French Revolution before?” to which the crowd yelps and cheers.

“That is another revolution. Because people started putting property over lives. They started putting money over people.” “Does anybody here know what happened to the people who did not get on board with the French Revolution?” the man asked, being answered by the mob with shouts of “Chop!” complete with downward arm motions, presumably to symbolize the guillotines of the French Revolution’s “Reign of Terror.”

“Say it louder!” the man bellows into the bullhorn. The crowd responds, shouting, “Chop, Chop!” even louder than before.

“That is the message you need to send. We are serious! This is not a joke! I am tired of seeing my people genocided by every definition of the word.”


  1. “There are two infinities, the Universe and Human stupidity”.
    Anyone surprised that the cops were too busy pouting to show up and do their jobs has been living under a rock.


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