Best-Selling Firearms So Far in a Record-Breaking 2020


The American Rifleman ( ugh) has an article up on the top selling handguns so far this year.

Top 5 semi auto handguns






What do we make of this?

First, adoption by the military still means something to buyers. Is the 320 a great gun? I don’t know. I haven’t fired one. Trusted friends report they love them. Howard had some words a while ago. I’m still willing to bet that military adoption and SIG’s marketing has more to do with it than any big time advancement over other handguns so far.

Second, the Glock is not going to lose any real ground over time.

Third, cheap prices matter with everything else.

What else do the shills at AR have to report?

Here’s a short list of firearms selling the most in categories traditionally associated with home- and self-defense, as reported by retailers using the services of

Handguns outsold long guns by a two-to-one margin last month, so it’s a great place to start. In the semi-auto pistol category, it was the SIG Sauer P320 taking top position, with the Glock G19, Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield rounding out the top three. The results were identical in April.

In revolvers, the Colt Python claimed the crown for May, although its MSRP is almost triple what the average buyer spent last month—an indication knowledgeable enthusiasts aren’t letting crowds at the gun counter keep them away. Second and third place went to the .22 LR-digesting Heritage Arms Rough Rider and Ruger Wrangler, respectively. April’s sales were slightly different with Smith & Wesson 629s leading the way and the company’s model 642 claiming third. The Heritage Arms rimfire stayed put in No. 2.

This was a surprised to me to be honest with you. You won’t find anyone more happy for Colt than me that the new Python is a huge hit. I did not think this would happen. I assumed the apparent demand online for the python was not indicative of how many would actually buy one I thought we would see another Colt Cowboy situation. I am very glad I am wrong. AS for the rest… No shock. With revolvers it seems to be people love very high end and very cheap shit.

Long guns may not be selling as fast as handguns, but the home-defense theme is obvious. In semi-autos, the Ruger AR-556 was the top seller in both April and May. Second and third finishers the last two months include the Smith & Wesson M&P15, Ruger PC Carbine, Springfield Saint and Kel-Tec SUB2000

I just don’t care. The AR15 buying market has been strange for the last few years. The PC carbine isn’t a huge surprise, I have seen how in demand they are. The lure of cheap 9mm in a SBR sized gun is powerful for a lot of people right now just bored with more generic ARs

Read the rest of what the shill hacks at the NRA’s pitiful dying magazine have to say about best selling shotguns and whatever else it is they blather about below if you are truly and desperately bored.


  1. The first time the NRA betrayed my trust was when they backed the “Mulford Act”, the first of the “Sensible Gun Laws” that have turned California into what it is today.

  2. I am sure the venerable m-14 made the long gun list top 10.

    When the good folks @PSA start cranking these puppies out will easily be the #! choice!

  3. You can add Shooting Times to the shill list as far as I’m concerned.

    Does there exist any longer a gun magazine worth reading?


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