Video Of Man Defending Against Antifa Attackers



    • He’s also getting whacked with a skateboard, which is death or GBH. This is self defense six ways from Sunday.

      Based on the Governor’s comments, I think they are going to George Zimmerman him and put his wedding tackle in the wringer. I expect he’ll get off at trial if the defense attorney has a pulse, but who knows in 2020. Maybe defense attorneys can get cancelled in 2020 too and politically unprotected people won’t get them. Either way, his name will be mud.

  1. Guy hears “I’m gonna ephing kill you”. Gets hit by skateboard. Draws and on target very fast. 3 audible shots while camera is on him. Another while camera is panning to antifa. From the reaction from bad guy I think he takes two as he is running. I think I count three shots striking pavement in area of head as guy hits the road. Can’t hear those shots. This guy spends time at the range.

    I’ve read reports that antifa intends to take the fight to rural America. I suggest they learn their manners and understand others have a right to to have different views and that in my neck of the woods, most know where the line is.

  2. And then local militia stepped in to diffuse. Which it looks like they actually did until the cops got there. ….and promptly all got arrested for their effort.

  3. This Antifa thuggery is all so tedious and boring. This has happened because we’ve allowed women to vote (and mouth off on matters political, which is always an error in any civilization) and as a result, we’re not stomping down these little thugs.

    Most of these little pricks are the products of single mothers, have dead-end degrees and worse job prospects, and they think they’re going to dictate the terms of law enforcement, taxation, and political policy by being junior league thugs.

    What they need is a serious ass-kicking.

  4. These fools want to “take their fight to rural America” there will be a lot more of them laying in the street! Until these punks get some severe beatings or better this will continue. These are gutless cowards that only attack old folks or attack a single person in mobs. A bullet is the best response to them!


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