Colt Super Stallion M1911


This is a pretty rare Colt. The Super Stallion in .Super 38 is only 1 of 500.


  1. The .38 Super really should have taken off better. It is head and shoulders better than the 9×19.

    Sadly, the headspacing issues in the early guns cost it accuracy, and that hurt the rep.

    These are beautiful pistols. I saw one years ago. I should have snapped it up back then. I thought it was too spendy back then, but like Pythons, they’ve only gone up in value.

    Quality guns appreciate – because so few of them are being made any more.

    • Oh but you can’t get the 38 super rounds into something in a double stack mag the size of a glock 19. so we have to toss it into garbage bin with all the other ” obsolete junk” like 1911s, thumb safeties and iron sights, quality gunsmithing and pride of ownership did you know? Guess you didn’t get the memo. But its ok. I didnt either but plenty of zoomers on the internet have been quick to tell me the error of my old man thinking

      • Oh, I’ve gotten the memo several times. Each time, I wad up the memo and toss it back into the face of the insolent cherub who delivered it.


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