Colt 607 Reproduction Buttstock


I learned something today I didn’t know. And that is the company above makes and sells reproduction Colt 607 stocks.

Yes I know that prices is as high as a Alabama meth head. It does appear to be an excellent repro from their pictures. You can probably guess how hard it is to find original 607 stocks and various parts now a days.

The Colt 607 was a carbine made during the Vietnam war era and that was the first collapsing stock. The 607 was part of the “CAR-15 family.

The Colt Model 607 was the first attempt to produce a “True Carbine” which had both a reduced barrel
length and collapsing buttstock. The 607 Models included; the 607 with 3-Way Fire Control Group
(Safe, Semi, Auto), the 607A with 3-Way Fire Control Group (Safe, Semi, Auto) the 607B with 3-Way Fire
Control Group (Safe, Semi, Burst). The model 607 used modified AR15/M16 furniture to include a
modified buttstock which allowed it to be extended or collapsed, as well as a shortened pistol grip and
shortened triangular handguards. The Model 607 had very limited production numbers and saw very
minimal use in the field by US Military Forces during Vietnam. There was a “Military Version” of the 607

Colt Model 607 – Flashhider Variations
The Colt Model 607 was most commonly found with a 3.5″ Moderator,
however as the photos above show it could have also been found with a  
3 Prong Flashhider and 4.5″ Moderator.

Here is one seen in the wild being used during the war.The fella in the far left is carrying one.

I have another little known fact for you below the picture.

“Wow cool, a Seal in Vietnam using the H&K 33 !” you are saying. Well you would be wrong. That is actually a liscensed copy of the 33 made by Harrington & Richardson.



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