“Thumb Safeties Are Stupid herp derp!”


“Shawn you stupid boomer, manual thumb safeties are so stupid.HAHA!” “Don’t you know those stupid 1911 thumb safeties will get you killed hurp derp”. “They are so pointless and stupid, you can get killed trying to deactivate them in a gun fight haha.”

Glocked his ass!!


  1. 1: Soft holsters are a nono.
    2: Reinserting a hot pistol, into a holster you can see- is a nono.
    Buy a kydex holster & carry somewhere between 12 & 3 o’clock- leave those thumb safeties, in the past.

  2. Shitty/soft holsters are stupid.

    Stuffing a gun in your back is stupid.

    Shooting yourself in the ass is stupid.

    Allowing your holster to defeat the safeties in your gun is stupid.

    Yet the type of gun you carry shouldn’t have much to do with whether or not this happens to you…

  3. This is why some holster makers insist as you should for a reinforcing band at the mouth of your stiff leather holster… My Milt Sparks holster does not and will not ever collapse. ALSO, there is no “tactical advantage” to reholstering FAST. If cops come up to you after a defensive shooting, they’ll instruct you to drop your gun. So do that — what’s the worst that could happen? A small scratch?

    • This damn near qualifies as a necropost…

      That said, I have to blame the idjit with the gun, and not the gun itself. Or, its design–Like as not, anyone this ‘effing stupid would probably have shot themselves with whatever they were carrying, regardless of what manner of safety it had.

      I am of a mind that the philosophy of the Glock’s safety system, namely that there isn’t one, is essentially the correct one. You allow yourself to become habituated to the idea that there is any such thing as a “safe” gun, and you’re going to come to grief. Doesn’t matter what sort of safety it is, it’s the mindset it lends itself to. With the Glock mentality, that gun is always dangerous when there’s a round in the chamber, and that’s the way to go.

      There are statistical studies out there that show that countries like Denmark and Norway had far fewer “negligent discharges” in Afghanistan, and I suspect that a solid part of that is because “Glock”. I’ve seen the mentality in tyro shooters I’ve trained… They think that once they’ve flicked that “safety” switch on the slide of their M9, that’s it, they can relax. And, they do–Which is why they then fail to pay attention and notice that the “safety” is off, and they shoot something they didn’t consciously intend to. Put a Glock in their hands, and that plastic POS keeps them on their toes, and they don’t think it’s “safe” until the bastard is in the holster with a safely shrouded trigger.

      It’s just me, but I am not a fan of the entire concept of a “safety” on pistols. That thing’s out of the holster, you should be shooting it at a threat, period; and, that is the precise mentality that the guys behind Glock’s design choices had. Especially for the average run of knucklehead who has no interest in gaining or maintaining expertise with the pistol–The Glock, in all its plastic glory, is purely a kitchen-appliance killing tool.

      Something I’m perfectly cool with, myself–I want nothing between me and killing what I need to besides a holster. I also like the fact that there is a full spectrum of like-handling pistols that take me from daily concealed carry right up to dealing with big game predators I might run into up in the woods–No worries about trying to remember where the fuck the controls are, ‘cos they’re all the same on everything I carry.

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