“Thumb Safeties Are Stupid herp derp!”


“Shawn you stupid boomer, manual thumb safeties are so stupid.HAHA!” “Don’t you know those stupid 1911 thumb safeties will get you killed hurp derp”. “They are so pointless and stupid, you can get killed trying to deactivate them in a gun fight haha.”

Glocked his ass!!


  1. 1: Soft holsters are a nono.
    2: Reinserting a hot pistol, into a holster you can see- is a nono.
    Buy a kydex holster & carry somewhere between 12 & 3 o’clock- leave those thumb safeties, in the past.

  2. Shitty/soft holsters are stupid.

    Stuffing a gun in your back is stupid.

    Shooting yourself in the ass is stupid.

    Allowing your holster to defeat the safeties in your gun is stupid.

    Yet the type of gun you carry shouldn’t have much to do with whether or not this happens to you…


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