S&W Model 53


This is a pretty cool gun. The Model 53 fires the .22 Jet round. Which is odd enough. But the neat part is, it came with inserts that let you put .22 rimfire rounds inside the inserts that then fit in the .22 jet chambers. Its basically six individual 22 long rifle adapters.

The one above is from 1961 and is complete with box and paperwork. I have only seen and held on of these in person about 15 years ago and it was pawned at the local pawnshop/ gun store owned by my friend. Sad to say for me, the owner did not lose it in hock because I would have bought it in a heart beat.

When you think about the current state of the gun making industry you have to be amazed that something like this can exist. This was back when gun companies would try something new and different but still be high quality. Another example would be the Colt Commander. The original. The effort Colt went through to develop that and get it out was not in character with them at that time. Especially considering the state of the company at that time.


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