Atlanta Riots 6/13/2020



  1. Meanwhile across town, two drt and five wounded in a drive-by.

    They burned the Wendy’s, too bad was a good Wendy’s.

    From what I’ve heard it was a ligit shoot, within the rules. Buddy will get his job back, and a check. APD needs to get a serious case of Blue Flu, Troopers don’t have to worry about getting back-stabbed by the Governor.

  2. You really have to stand amazed at how people think you can resist arrest, wrestle with cops, steal a Taser off their belt, run, fire it at them… And, not get shot for your efforts.

    I am not, by any means, an automatic defender of police actions, but this case? This case? This is an obvious “suicide by cop” if I ever saw one. Black, white, blue with purple polka-dots, this guy should have been shot. Can you imagine the outrage if he’d gotten away, and then used that Taser in a crime?

    Amazing to observe them turn this into a cause celebre, because it won’t help their case one damn bit. The activists shot themselves in the foot, on this one.

    • Up until George Floyd, the #BLM types seemed to be studiously avoiding using sympathetic victims of violence, instead picking violent criminals. There is hard evidence that Michael Brown attacked Darren Wilson in his squad car. And the evidence strongly points to Trayvon Martin having attacked George Zimmerman unprovoked, and was bashing his head against the sidewalk when Zimmerman shot him. Only minimal attention was paid to Philando Castile, who was a much more sympathetic victim than either of those two, IMHO.

      Some of that is jumping to conclusions, paired with the media’s inability to control the Narrative the way they could even 15 years ago. But part of me wonders if there isn’t an agenda at play to normalize violent behavior and attacking cops.

      Then again, I have heard it quoted that a whopping 10 unarmed black men were killed by cops in 2019, so pickings of sympathetic victims may be slim. Some of them were attempting to run over cops, so I wouldn’t count them at all in that number. Some others were fighting the cops, so that’s hardly innocent either.

      It’s all very strange. I think I’ll mull it over while I go burn my local Wendy’s tonight.

  3. Kirk, there’s a classic example of a good shooting by a cop turned into a cause Celebre’ here in Sonoma County.
    The Andy Lopez killing where a black teenager pointed a realistic looking (The orange muzzle device had been removed) firearm at a cop and the cop shot him dead.
    That kid died from being stupid, but there’s a park named after him and he’s a “Martyr to police violence”.
    The Floyd Killing is another matter, I have watched the complete video several times, it sure as shit looks like an unlawful killing by a bad ( And stupid, he knew he was being filmed) cop.
    And BTW it looks like the two had some history dating back to when they both provided security for a bar.
    Bad cops are EXPENSIVE and taxpayers foot the bill.
    Minneapolis taxpayers will be paying for the defense lawyers for the four cops involved in Floyd’s death, and all the cops caught on video slashing the tires on parked cars ( That’s likely to be a class action), plus defense lawyers for those cops caught on video clearly using excessive force during the demonstrations.
    Lawyers, overtime for emergency personnel, property damage, settlements in the tens of millions of $, and lower property values which affects the tax base.
    Higher taxes for everyone.
    One spark hitting dry tinder…


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