Hate Mail ( part 12)


I have BM and DPMS rifles, I think they are they great. Up yours Shawn!!!”-John

John writes in the comments about his preference in AR makers. And while he can have an opinion I am not allowed to have one different than his.


  1. Really?That tis the best you have for hate mail lately?!

    Is this just a invitation to try harder on the hate mail?As PSA fan am willing if needed to keep the sites #’s up/ get ugly ect.,will even go pro m14 if necc.

    Seriously,you are not trying /pushing the limits lately it seems!

    Why not the site and readers take a vacation to Chaz,perhaps we can get the hate mail up,safari hunting trip and all!

    • Can we pull down the Lenin statue in Seattle while we’re there? Since pulling down statues seems to be all the rage lately.

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